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Yiwu Amanda Intl Group

Yiwu Amanda Intl Group (Yiwu Amanda Import & Export Co., Ltd. ) was established in 1999, is a leading general trading company in Yiwu China. We are No.1 Export Agent in Yiwu. We offer you one stop export solution services in Yiwu market and mainland China.
The video introduction of Yiwu Amanda Intl Group
We have more than 100 staff who can speak fluent English, meanwhile, we have some staff who can speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, etc.
We serve global importers from over 180 countries, including Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Great Britain (UK), Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea-South, Moldova, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Paraguay, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, etc.. and we’re still growing.
We work as your own office in Yiwu China, help do one stop solution services as follows:
(1) Products searching & price information and send samples.
(2) Entire schedule including invitation letter service, hotel reservation, pick-up and driving to airport, check-in hotel, local car service, entertainment etc.
(3) Organize and accompany clients on visit to potential suppliers in mainland China & Yiwu market.
(4) Discussion on product specifications, market protection, packaging label, payment terms etc
(5) Placing order as buyer required & follow production schedule.
(6) Inspecting product & Quality control.
(7) Consolidation of goods from different suppliers & loading containers.
(8) Placing shipment order, loading container, customs clearance, and making shipping documents.
(9) Regular container transportation service from Ningbo port to all over the world with most competitive sea freight. We are sure that Yiwu Amanda Intl Group is your best agent for Yiwu market sourcing and purchase. What is more, affordable service fee, low to 1% commission of total product value.
The Feature of Yiwu Amanda Intl Group:
(1) TOP3 Trading Company in Yiwu China
(2) No.1 Yiwu Agent Provider
(3) One Stop Export Solution Services
(4) Over 10,000 Factories Source
(5) Over 3,000 Containers Shipping Per Year.
(6) Over 180 Countries Marketing
(7) Over 100 Million US Dollars Turnover
(8) Affordable Commission, Low to 1%
More info about our company:
1) Our company certificates numbers >> check more about Our Company Certificates & Numbers
Business License No. is 330782000030421
Organization Code Certificate No. is 670284049
Tax Registration Certificate No. is 3307256784049
Import & Export Enterprise Code: 3300670284049
2) Amanda’s Logo >> check more about Amanda’s Logo
Amanda Logo
The logo is designed as a chain style, and put letter A in the center; that means our company set Amanda as a brand and devoted to diversification development, everyone works together and is committed to each other in a team, make the company has a strong cohesive force. The molding of the logo is symmetrical and steady, that means the style of work in our company is prudent, standard, preciseness and staidness.
3) Our investors >> Our investors
Oscar and Amanda
Oscar Tao, Male, Double BA degree of Medicine & Computer Science, have enough manage experience of private enterprise in China. Being good at sales & marketing, operation, investment & financing, and integrated management.
Amanda Zeng, Female, Bachelor’s degree in management, have many managing experiences in the American enterprise in global 500. Proficient at international trading operating, good at Executive Management and Human Resources Management.
4) Our Company Cars >>check more about Our Company Cars
We have 2 x 7-seat MPV (Buick GL8), 1 x 5-seat sedan (Mercedes-Benz E300), 1 x 5-seat SUV (Porsche Cayenne).
1) Pick up from shanghai pudong airport, hangzhou xiao airport, yiwu airport, yiwu train station to the hotel in yiwu.
2) Go to factories in shanghai, zhejiang province, jiangsu province, fujian provine, etc.
3) Send customers from hotel to market, market to hotel every day.
 Buick GL8Mercedes-Benz 
5) Our Warehouse >> check more about Our Warehouse
We have several warehouses in Yiwu.
The smallest one is in the basement floor and first floor of Amanda Building, has a capacity of 5~7 x 40ft HQ. It is very convenient to do inspection and quality control.
The largest one is around 5000 square meters, has a capacity of at least 100 x 40ft HQ.
6) Our Office >> check more about Our Office
Amanda Building is a 6-floor (include basement) villa, total more than 1000  square meters.
The 2nd floor to 5th floor is for office. We have more than 100 staff who can speak fluent English, meanwhile, we have some staff who can speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, etc.
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1) you come to yiwu at first time, want to find a reliable yiwu agent or
2) you come to Yiwu many times, want to change your Yiwu agent,
Welcome to join in us!