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Yiwu International Production Material Market

Yiwu International Production Material Market

Yiwu International Production Material Market
At 11 o’clock on November 19, 2013, Yiwu International Production Material Market’s opening ceremony began. It was regarded as a “new cheese” of Yiwu Market.The opening of the international production material market is of great importance for promoting commodity chain to the upstream development, lengthening the market chain, expanding the product coverage and further enhancing the Yiwu market gathering functions.
Yiwu International Production Material Market-1
The basic situation of market
Yiwu International Production Material Market block plans total production area of 12.98 square kilometers.During the “Twelve Five” period, it strives to build an area of 2.6 square kilometers (about 3900 mu) of product exhibition center and related facilities, including three major projects.
The first district of Yiwu International Production Material Market plans to finish construction by three phases,with an area of 1350 mu, building area of 2.3 million square meters, a total investment of 10 billion yuan.It’s 8 kilometers away from the International Trade Market and close to Yiwu airport and railway station, about 2 km’s distance.
Yiwu International Production Material Market-2

The First District of Yiwu International Production Material Market
With the total investment of 3.0 billion yuan,an area of 520 mu,750,000 square meters’ building-scale , more than 3,700 standard commercial spaces , The first district of Yiwu International Production Material Market mainly sells commercial and logistics equipment, industrial electrical equipment ,raw materials of printing and packing, power generation equipment and accessories,,food processing machinery and accessories(including kitchen equipment), printing and packaging machinery , weaving machines and injection molding machines , lamps , leather, raw materials and other industries. Now 95% commercial spaces in the market are occupied. It has attracted more than 2500 types of market players , bringing together all relevant sectors of China National 13 enterprises listed in the China’s top 500 , 11 listed companies , 163 enterprises of national and provincial brands.
Yiwu International Production Material Market-3
The first district of Yiwu International Production Material Market’s first production stage is divided into six layers.basement is car parking , one to five layers are for the commodity business district . One to three layers are large Mall-style space market, each layer has about 940 commercial spaces of 60 square meters each, four to five layers are designed as open split layer professional street with total 800 commercial spaces of 2×40 square meters each.Single market area of commercial spaces can be adjusted according to the supplier’s actual demand. In addition, There are international museums located in the center of the market which mainly introduce international renowned enterprises, build imported product display center and information dissemination platform. Taking into account the particularity of the product industry,international Production Material Market’s architectural form has been designed direct vehicles way to each floor through the ring corridor .The vehicles even can reach the door of the fourth and the fifth floor commercial spaces. The market also offers financial services, catering, accommodation, government business hall and other ancillary service facilities .
Yiwu International Production Material Market-4
Layout of Industries
1F Business logistics equipment
Industrial and electrical equipment and accessories(electronics component,switch and socket series,transformer,distribution box and complete set of equipment.the wire and cable series)
Raw materials of printing and packing(gummy material,gold stamping material,film products,papers,consumables)
2F Power and generating equipment(generators and accessories series,other power and accessories series of motor pump,air compressor generators)
Printing and packaging machineries
Food processing machinery
Other machinery(injection molding machines,knitting machine)
3F Commercial lighting(outdoor engineering lighting,holiday lamp),furniture decoration lamp
4F Leather raw materials and auxiliary accessories
Video Introduction of the Yiwu International Production Material Market

Yiwu Night Market in Yiwu China

Yiwu Night Market in Yiwu China -In Yiwu Night Market,there are many commodities,such as children clothes, socks, belts, shoes, plastics, toys, lady and men's fasion, and baggages,boxes and so on Yiwu night market attracts a large number of both Chinese and foreigners.As for the stuffs there are really cheap. And also you can find something really worthy there.Every night, several streets of the market are crowded with people, it's really busy. So when you are doing shopping there, we should take care of our pocket or bag!For more about the Yiwu
Night Market,pls Read:

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Yiwu No.3 Middle School in Yiwu City

Yiwu No.3 Middle School in Yiwu City,the Yiwu Middle School is located at No. 168 West Road, Yiwu City, covers an area of 183.86 mu,building area of ??45,364 square meters,green area of 46,800 square meters.Existing staff of 154 people officially, located 39 classes, more than 1,700 students. Running more than a decade to perfect the quality of education trust in society. We are adhering to the "quality, skills, promote harmony, creating features" educational philosophy, and take 'special way', applying "quality education" strictly educational, standardized management,and improving school spirit, teaching style, study style construction, education quality has improved steadily, to achieve a healthy, civilized, harmonious and sustainable development of the school.For Yiwu School Products,pls go to

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yiwu Furniture Market in Yiwu China

Yiwu Furniture Market in Yiwu China -Yiwu Furniture Market locates at the junction of Guangqingfan Village and Longhui is the only large-scale professional furniture market approved by the Government.Yiwu Furniture Market occupies 420 Mu and a building area of 1.6 million square meters with a total investment of 250 million.Yiwu Furniture Market is the largest single modern furniture market in Zhejiang province with the highest grade, the best environment, most complete supporting facilities.For more about the Yiwu Furniture Market,pls go to

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yiwu Futian Market in Yiwu China

Yiwu Futian Market in Yiwu China -Yiwu Futian Market is another name of China Yiwu International Trade City. Yiuw Futian Market,divided into five district which now become  an international trade city.15 years ago,there are no Yiwu Futian Market, this place is called Futian Village (Futian Cun) . There are agriculture, farmland and farmers.In the end of last century,the Yiwu government chose Futian Village as the new place of the fifth generation Yiwu market.For more about Yiwu Futian Market,pls go to

Monday, November 25, 2013

Yiwu Tianheng International Hotel Evening Party

Yiwu Tianheng International Hotel Evening Party-the evening party was held in Yiwu Tianheng International Hotel,the hotel is located in "Asia's International Trade City"Yiwu City.It is in Bei Yuan Industrial Park with only 10 kilometers distance to the airport, and is in close proximity to Hangjinqu Highway. The traffic is really very convenient.Tianheng International Hotel is a business hotel constructed by five-star hotel standard, with a construction area of 40,000 square meters. The hotel has a 16-storey atrium lobby which is nearly 16 metres high, filling the luxury and elegant style.For the distinguished feature ,the lobby is called "the first lobby of Zhejiang."For more about the hotel,pls go to

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Yiwu Toys Market in Yiwu China

Yiwu Toys Market in Yiwu China,Yiwu Toys Market not only has the largest wholesale toys marketplace in China, but also sees the toys industry as its one of the strongest industries. There are premium brands in Yiwu toy markets like GoodBaby from Jiangsu province and ULTRAMAN from Guangdong province. Sure, you can find tons of other brands toys.There are over 6,000 stalls for wholesale toys of electric toys, inflation toys, plush toys,RC Toys ,Action Toys, Animals &Stuffed Toys, Arts & Crafts, Educational Toys,Electronic Toys, Outdoor Toys & Structures, Pet Toys, Plastic Toys, Pretend Play & Preschool, Solar Toys, Toy Vehicles, Wind Up Toys ect.For more about the Yiwu Toys Market,please go to

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Yiwu International Production Materials Market

Yiwu International Production Materials Market lies in the west of the Yiwu city. The construction will be completed in multi-phases with a total planning area of 12.98 square kilometers. The 1st stage of phase 1 with a total investment of 2.95 billion Yuan will cover a land area of 350,000 square meters and a building area of 750,000 square meters. There will be 3 types of standard booths, i.e. 30m2, 40m2 and 60m2, according to different industries and floors.The new Market enjoys a convenient location and creative designs.Making good use of the terrain gap, it gives full play to the commercial value of the underground floor and has double first-floor structure. The perfect combination of the shopping mall-like infrastructure and the specialized streets, coupled with the good supporting facilities and favorable policies,allow it to win better opportunities.It stands out in the commercial projects of its kind and is bound to bring unlimited business chances.For more about the Yiwu International Production Materials Market,pls go to

Wholesale Online at lowest wholesale price

Wholesale Online at lowest wholesale price

Online Yiwu Market

Website: Yiwu wholesale, Wholesale products from Yiwu wholesale market Online wholesale direct from Yiwu wholesale market, the world's largest wholesale market of general merchandise.
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OEM Toy Products Manufacturing

OEM Toy Products Manufacturing

Wholesale China Toys and Toy Products Manufacturing

OEM Toy Products

If you are looking for toy products manufacturing in China or if you want wholesale China toys then you need a full-service China Sourcing Agent with experience.
You need someone with the right China connections and someone who speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin to ensure that when you trust your toy products manufacturing to China factories, there will be no language barrier.

Contract Manufacturing with Yiwu Amanda

We’re Yiwu Amanda and we have the experience and knowledge base to help you with Contract Manufacturing for custom toy products manufacturing overseas.
Yiwu Amanda can help you every step of the way, from creating blueprints of your original concept for toy products manufacturing, to design, manufacturing, packaging and shipping of custom wholesale toy products from China.
Talk to us about sourcing out overseas manufacturers for wholesale China toys or about custom toy products manufacturing in China.
We also do China sourcing for custom electronics manufacturing, custom promotional products manufacturing and custom plastics manufacturing overseas (plus wood, ceramic and aluminum products).

Custom Toy Products Manufacturing

Let us help you with toy products manufacturing in China for items like:
Bendable Toys – Ask us about OEM bendable toy products manufacturing in China and other overseas markets. We offer OEM manufacturing services so original designs and samples are welcome.
Stuffed Toys – Let us help you find plush stuffed toy products manufacturers in China including ODM and OEM stuffed toy manufacturing. We offer OEM Manufacturing Services so original designs and samples are welcome.
Plastic Toys – Our job is to make sure OEM and ODM plastic toy manufacturers in China and other overseas markets have strict quality control systems and can deliver outstanding quality plastic toy products. Ask us about sourcing Plastic Products Manufacturing and plastic injection molding manufacturers.
Toy Cars – Let us be your China sourcing agent for toy car manufacturing in China. Whether its die cast toy cars or plastic toy car manufacturing you want, we can help you source reputable OEM and ODM manufacturing overseas.
Contact Yiwu Amanda
Our China sourcing agents at Yiwu Amanda offer full-service toy products manufacturing help. We can assist with China Export Manufacturing for toy products plus sourcing toy products manufacturing facilities in China.
For more information about wholesale China toys or OEM and ODM toy products manufacturing in China, please email to or complete our online Contact Form for OEM Toy Products Manufacturing.

Yiwu Hotel-Yiwu Kingdom Hotel

Yiwu Hotel-Yiwu Kingdom Hotel it is located in city center,the most prosperous areas of Yiwu, adjacent to the bustling, lively and flourishing People's square. It is close to the charming Xiuhu Lake and makes you enjoy a beautiful scenery when live in the hotel. At the same time,the traffic is very good. From the hotel to the International Commodity City is only 10 minutes by car and to Yiwu train station is 15 minutes by car. It is really convenient in transportation facilities and famous for elegant scenery.For more about the Yiwu Kindom Hotel,pls go to

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Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel-Munich Oktoberfest

Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel-Munich Oktoberfest,in Yiwu Ocean hotel,there is a Munich Oktoberfest,there are Authentic German beer and hearty German-style buffet dinner delicious, colorful Munich band performances, lots of fun interactive games is a short video of the show.By the way,Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel is a famous Commercial Business hotel in Yiwu City, China. Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel Yiwu is owned by China Commodity Group Co., Ltd., Located in the CBD of Yiwu city.for more about the hotel details,pls go to

OEM Promotional Products Manufacturing

OEM Promotional Products Manufacturing

Custom Promotional Products Manufacturing China

OEM Promotional Products

If you need help sourcing custom promotional products manufacturers overseas who can custom manufacture promotional products to your design or request, we can help.
As experienced China Sourcing Agents, Yiwu based Amanda Intl has offices in North and South China specializing in contract manufacturing with custom promotional products manufacturers in China.
Using overseas promotional products manufacturers for custom manufactured promotional products is very cost effective thus improving your price competitiveness to help you realize greater profits.

ODM & OEM Custom Manufactured
Promotional Products

We can help you choose a reliable, experienced overseas manufacturer to custom manufacture and export your promotional products including ODM (original design manufacturing) or OEM (original equipment manufacturing) products.
Yiwu Amanda can assure top quality ODM & OEM Manufacturing with superior service in custom promotional products manufacturing for such diverse items as:
1) Album – Auto Accessories – Bags – Balloon – Bedding -
2) Book Light – Bottle opener – Calculator – Calendar – Candles -
3) Caps – Clocks – Coca Cola gifts – Consumer Electronics – Crystal -
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5) Frisbees – Gifts Box – Giveaway Material – Gloves – Golf Items -
6) Hardware Tools – Home Appliances – Jewelry – Keyboards – Keychain -
7) Kitchenware Tableware – Lanyard – Massage – Medicine & Health – Mirrors -
8) Mobile phone accessories – Money Clip – Mouse – Mouse Pads – MP3 Players -
9) Mp4 Players – Mug – Muslim Products – Name Card Holders – Pen -
10) Pen Holders – Personal Safety – Pet items – Photo Frame – Puzzles -
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13) Vases – Wallets – Watches – Water Bottle – World Cup

Promotional Giveaways & Wholesale Promotional Products

Yiwu Amanda has assisted clients with great success on a diverse range of custom promotional products manufacturing.
Our in-house engineers and China sourcing agents offer assistance every step of the way, from original concept design to sourcing promotional products manufacturers, product manufacturing, packaging and exporting of the finished product.
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Contact Yiwu Amanda

Yiwu Amanda is a full service China sourcing company with agents fluent in English, and Chinese to ensure there are no language barriers.
Ask us about our full-service Contract Manufacturing Services.
For more information about custom promotional products manufacturing in China or for help with sourcing promotional products manufacturers overseas, please email to or complete our online Contact Form for OEM Promotional Products Manufacturing.

OEM Electronic Products Manufacturing

OEM Electronic Products Manufacturing

Custom LED, LCD Electrical & Electronic Products Manufacturing

OEM Electronic Products

Based in Yiwu China, Amanda Intl Group is a China Sourcing Agent specializing in sourcing for Custom Products Made in China. We also act as agents for OEM and ODM Contract Manufacturing.
If you are an inventor or small to medium sized business that want to produce custom electrical products, custom LED or LCD products or custom electronic products overseas we can help.
Take advantage of our extensive experience and broad knowledge base and let us help you save money with electronic products manufacturing, LED products manufacturing, LCD products manufacturing and electrical products manufacturing in China.

Electrical Products Manufacturing in China

Ask us about electrical products manufacturing in China. We’ve helped clients with Contract Manufacturing Services for a broad range of electrical products manufacturing including;
* Lights
* Adapters
* Appliances

Electronic Products Manufacturing in China

Get connected with electronic products manufacturers in China and save money manufacturing custom electronic products overseas including:
* Telephones
* Radios
* MP3 Players
* Stereo Systems

LCD & LED Products Manufacturing – China

The manufacturing of LCD & LED products overseas can mean significant cost savings to you. Let Yiwu Amanda help you find a qualified LCD or LED China manufacturer to produce your custom LCD & LED products.

Contact Yiwu Amanda

Yiwu Amanda is a full-service China sourcing agent for custom made products in China and other overseas markets. Our China sourcing agents speak fluent English, and Chinese (Mandarin) ensuring that there is no language barrier to hinder your overseas custom manufacturing efforts.
Let our in-house engineers help you with everything from blueprints and design structure to custom manufacturing, packaging, transportation and exporting your custom made electrical and electronic products out of China. Ask us about China Export Manufacturing.
For more information about custom electronic products manufacturing, custom electrical products manufacturing or custom LCD & LED products manufacturing in China, please email to or complete our online Contact Form for Contract Manufacturing Services.

Why Choose Us For A Yiwu Market Research Report

Why Choose Us For A Yiwu M. R. Report?

Why Choose Us For A Yiwu Market Research Report?
Thanks to our location (15 minutes driving to Yiwu market) and our experiences working in this market (at least several times every day source inside the market for 10 x 365 days), we’re able to send out investigators to the market to conduct on site verification whenever you need.

We’re handy!

We can get same much valuable information as you do by yourself, but only with 1/3 of your time. Say, you spend 3 days in the market and found 10 designs photo frames you want to buy. We just need 1 day.

We’re FAST and we are familiar with the market!

Everyone can easily get hundreds of pages “whatever-related” information from Google or b2b sites like globalsources and alibaba.
But I understand well enough that you just want useful good information for good decision making, not spending weeks filtering loads of junks with endless emails and late-night online chatting.

Our information is tailored to your needs! NO MORE, NO LESS!

We’re a 3rd-party reporter, all the information we offer are 100% objective and true. Any agents/ person can help you buy if they have this report of from whom, from where, at what price to buy.
There is no point for us to hide anything intentionally. (This is very much unlike many trade agents)

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Yiwu Hotel-Yiwu Yihe Hotel

Yiwu Hotel-Yiwu Yihe Hotel,Yiwu Yihe Hotel is a deluxe four star business hotel which is built according to international standards and is a subsidiary company of ZheJiang World Trade Management Company. Located in the business and commercial centre-HongKong Town and with the Small Commodity City and BinWang Market,Yiwu Night Market nearby,the traffic of YiWu YiHe Hotel is very convenient.For more details about the Yiwu Yihe Hotel,pls go to

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What’s Inside A Yiwu Market Research Report

What’s Inside A Yiwu M. R. Report?

What’s Inside A Yiwu Market Research Report And What Are The Benefits?
* Availability – tells you if the products you’’re looking for exist in Yiwu market, so you know if you should save your money for flights and hotels, save your time and energy for a tiring fruitless trip.
* Price – let you know the key factor that could let you laugh all the way to your bank or lose all what you have saved for last 10 years.
* Other information like MOQ, lead time, freight that can help you move smoothly from drawing to action.
* Suppliers contact information – let you do DIRECTLY with the suppliers later, rather than paying a suspicious agent each time. (Reliable and faithful agents are good.) Or in case your agent let you down, you still know where to go.
Below is a sample of our Yiwu Market Research Report: (version keeps updating)
Click here to download a excel format Yiwu Market Research Report sample – For those who use Microsoft Office Excel. * Recommended.

Who Need Yiwu Market Research Report

Who will need Yiwu Market Research Report?

* These who know Yiwu, have never come to Yiwu, are planning to Yiwu and want to source certain products from Yiwu, but not sure whether Yiwu is the right place.
* These who knows Yiwu is offering the products / they actually bought products from Yiwu, but don’t know the actual prices. They can manage to get prices from somewhere else like trade agents, factories or online websites, but I bet you in most cases, these prices are NOT Yiwu market prices)
* These who knows Yiwu is offering their products, AND know the rough price. But not sure about other terms like MOQ (minimum order quantity), lead time, rough shipping cost by FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than container load). All these information are same crucial to the success of their business.

Yiwu Hotel-Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel

Yiwu Hotel-Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel -the video was taken in Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel,the hotel is of reasonable price and nice service.It provides a nice environment and delicious food. What's more, it also has parking pot over there.Whether you are traveling or doing business in Yiwu, Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel will give you an unforgettable experience for your is located in No 797, North Chouzhou Road, Yiwu City. It has a nice location and it is very convenient to go to Yiwu market. Whether you want to take a bus or taxi, it is always as your service.Just click for the hotel details:

Yiwu International Mansion Hotel-Wedding Anniversary

Yiwu International Mansion Hotel-Wedding Anniversary Here shows a Wedding Anniversary in Yiwu International Mansion Hotel.They celebrate their Wedding Anniversary in traditional Chinese wedding style.Good luck to them.By the way,Yiwu International Mansion Hotel is invested with 160 million RMB by Yiwu International Mansion limited liability company, and is under the management of the Parker International Hotel Management Limited (Hong Kong).International Mansion is a luxury business hotel which is carefully crafted according to five-star hotel standard,combining the functions of catering, accommodation, conference and entertainment.For more about the hotel,please go to

Yiwu Mosque Muslims China

Yiwu Mosque Muslims China,Yiwu is the 'fastest growing Muslim community' in China.There are an estimated 35,000 Muslims in Yiwu, almost one-third of whom can be found at the mosque during its busiest periods.About half the city's Muslims are thought to be from overseas, with many from Arab countries.
For more about Yiwu,pls click:

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Yiwu Wedding Show in Yourworld International Conference Center

Yiwu Wedding Show in Yourworld International Conference Center -Yourworld International Conference Center has a Chinese name"Xingfuhu Guoji Huiyi Zhongxin"stands in the world-renowned small commodity trade center Yiwu City,and it is a five-star landscape-style luxurious hotel.The hotel price is high.For more about the Yourworld International Conference Center pls go to

Yiwu Hotel Best Love Wedding Show

Yiwu Hotel Best Love Wedding Show -There is a best love wedding show in Yiwu Hotel.Love is the bond of two people walking together. For love, for responsibility, and even more to better take care of him (her).Beloved wedding, love life. We love planning for your wedding, the intention to present you love. I believe that our love and your heart will get the same recognition.let's send our best wishes to them,By the way,Yiwu Hotel invested by Yiwu Electric Power Industry Co.Ltd. is a comprehensive hotel constructed with 4-star hotel standard. It's located in 103 Bingwang Road in Yiwu City,for more about the Yiwu Hotel,pls go to

Yiwu Buying Agent

Yiwu Buying Agent

Many global customers come to Yiwu to buy the items they want. Buy from Yiwu Market? Let us help you, we are No.1 Yiwu Buying Agent.

Yiwu Buying Agent

Business scope of Yiwu Buying agent services:

1) Manufacturers sourcing, quotation, price negotiation, orders following and quality control.
2) Guide tour to factories, showrooms, wholesale markets in Yiwu and cities nearby.
3) Custom clearance and all necessary documentation.
4) Booking container, sea, air, inland transportation.
6) Domestic and local transportation service.
7) Hotel reservation and picking clients up from the airport and markets.
8) Free warehouse and office for temporary use.
9) Lowest commission: low to 1% of total amount.

What can you buy in Yiwu market?

You can find the following goods in Yiwu wholesale market with a competitive price:
Imitation jewelry and fashion accessories,
Artificial plants and flowers, Oil painting and frame,
Arts and crafts, Handy tools and hardware, Daily use items, Kitchenware and house ware,
Toys, Undergarments and socks, Stationery and sports items, Scarves and shawls,
Electrical and electronic items, Clock and watches, Bags and suitcase, Bedding items,.etc.

One-stop Yiwu Market Buying solution service:

Buying & Sourcing & Purchasing & Export & Shipping agent service for the clients who would like to purchase directly from the wholesale market.
Airport pick-up service (upon request)
Hotel reservation (upon request)
Purchase accompany
Quality control
Transportation (inland)
Factory visit (upon request)
Container loading
Customs clearance
Inspection and quarantine
Arranging shipping and document makin
there is a large variety of merchandise to be chosen and buy in mix-container-load,orders can be LCL (Less than Container Load)cargo basis or FCL(Full Container Load) basis, our suggestion to clients is trying to buy at least one 20ft container, in that case order will be more safe and easy to be handled.

Contact No.1 Yiwu Buying Agent now, enjoy your yiwu buying trip with our top notch services!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yiwu Christian Church Grace Church Show in Yiwu China

Yiwu Christian Church Grace Church Show in Yiwu China,Yiwu Christian Church or Yiwu Grace Church is formerly known Choucheng Christian Church, built in 1986-1995,in August 1999 the consent of the church ten acres of land,the proposed church with 2,200 seats and elderly apartments, Sunday nursery , volunteer training center, life, reception, office space and other multifunctional complex.The project total investment of about 800 million. And on October 18, 1999 in East Yongsheng obligation hillside village official ground-breaking bread groundbreaking. For more about Religion in Yiwu,pls go to