Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale Street in Yiwu Market

Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale Street in Yiwu Market -There are many Jewelry Wholesale shops or stores in the Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale Street.A long Yiwu Jewelry Wholesale Street attract many businessmen home and abroad.They purchase or wholesale the Jewelrys.There is also a big Yiwu Jewelry Market in Yiwu Market,for details about this Jewelry market,pls go to

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yiwu Concert during Yiwu Fair 2013

Yiwu Concert during Yiwu Fair 2013 Every year,there will be a Yiwu Concert during the Yiwu Fair,this year a famous singer named Leehom Wang came to this Yiwu Fair to host his Yiwu Concert.Welcome,just enjoy it.For more about yiwu,pls click:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Yiwu Food,Yiwu Speciality,Yiwu Culture in Yiwu City

Yiwu Food,Yiwu Speciality,Yiwu Culture in Yiwu City -the video shows Yiwu Food,Yiwu Speciality,Yiwu Culture in Yiwu City.Yiwu is a city of about 1.2 million people in central Zhejiang Province, for more about Yiwu,pls go to

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yiwu Purchasing Merchants gathering in Yiwu Fair 2013

Yiwu Purchasing Merchants gathering in Yiwu Fair 2013
In Yiwu Fair 2013,many purchasing merchants from home and abroad,gathering the Yiwu Fair 2013,For more about Yiwu Fair pls go to

Friday, October 25, 2013

Yiwu Fair Volunteers

Yiwu Fair Volunteers
In every Yiwu Fair,there are so many students worked as volunteers.They serve for the people home and abroad.they are good example of us,good luck to them.For more about Yiwu Fair in 2013,pls click

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yiwu Watches and Clocks in Yiwu Fair

Yiwu Watches and Clocks in Yiwu Fair
Yiwu Watch Clock ,there are plent of watch or clock suppliers all over our courty.They show lastest products.
For more about Yiwu Watch or Clock Market or Yiwu Market,pls click:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yiwu Christmas Tree in Yiwu Fair

Yiwu Christmas Tree in Yiwu Fair
This is Yiwu Christmas Tree showed in Yiwu has many LED lights.
Light follows the music, support Live Mode and Stand Alone Mode.
with a stainless steel base that utilizes 24 strings
of RGB 1,920 pixels and 5,760 channels.
For more pls go to

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yiwu Fair 2013

Yiwu Fair 2013 the top3 tradeshow in China, the largest fair on Daily Consumer Goods (General Merchandise, Small Commodities,
Articles of Daily Use, Daily Household Necessities, Small Household Articles, Various Household Supplies, Groceries, Consumer Products )
will be held in October 2013. Yiwu Fair 2013 alias China Yiwu International Commodities Fair 2013.
Date: 21-25 October, 2013
Venue: Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Center
For more about Yiwu Fair,pls go to

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yiwu sourcing agent

Yiwu sourcing agent

Sourcing in Yiwu market and export to worldwide? You need a reliable yiwu sourcing agent to help you.
yiwu sourcing agent
Yiwu Amanda Intl Group is your professional Yiwu Sourcing Agent in Yiwu China.

One stop Yiwu Sourcing agent service:

1) Entire schedule including, invitation letter service, Yiwu hotel reservation, pick-up and driving to airport (ShangHai, Hangzhou and Yiwu airport), check-in Yiwu hotel, local car service, entertainment in Yiwu and other cities nearby.
2) Buyers’ samples making service.
3) Search products and price information in Yiwu wholesale markets, Yiwu factories/ manufacturers and suppliers in China.
4) Organize and accompany clients on visit to potential manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and commodity market in Yiwu.
5) Discussion on product specifications, market protection, packaging label, payment terms
6) Placing order as buyer required and follow production schedule.
7) Inspecting product and quality control
8) Consolidation of goods from different suppliers and loading container
9) Place shipping order, loading container, customs clearance, and make shipping documents

Why you need yiwu sourcing agent in Yiwu market?

1) Many shop owners in yiwu market can not speak English, the yiwu sourcing agent can.
2) Many shop owners in yiwu market can not accept US Dollar, the yiwu sourcing agent can.
3) You need warehouse to collect the goods.
4) You need yiwu sourcing agent to help you do export procedure handling.

If you are looking for reliable yiwu sourcing agent, please feel free to contact us.

Yiwu Trade Agent

Yiwu Trade Agent

You need a reliable yiwu trade agent if you do intl trade and business in Yiwu or export containers from Yiwu market.

Yiwu Trade Agent

Trade agent services in Yiwu China

Our professional group assures that you will have the best products at the best price, since Yiwu Amanda has immediate access to reliable and excellent suppliers in Yiwu Market. Our complete set of services will ensure you the success of all your business operations:
  • Manufacturers search, quotation, and price negotiation
  • Purchasing and orders following
  • Quality control
  • Guided tour to factories, showrooms and to the most important wholesale markets as Yiwu Futian market.
  • Custom clearance and all necessary documentation.
  • Sea, air, inland transportation service
  • English, Spanish, French interpretation and translation (Yiwu translation service)
  • National and domestic transportation service
  • Hotel reservation
  • When you directly deal with real manufacturers and the best suppliers, you are able to obtain great results which will influence the expansion of your business, to increase your benefits, to offer new products and to have more advantage on your competitors.
    Yiwu Amanda Intl Group , your one stop import export trade business sourcing agent partner in Yiwu China. If you are looking for trade agent in yiwu China, please feel free to contact us.

    Yiwu Export Agent

    Yiwu Export Agent
    Yiwu Amanda Intl Group is a leading yiwu export agent, offers you professional one stop export agent services in yiwu market in yiwu city, China.
    Yiwu Export Agent
    As a leading export trade company in yiwu, Yiwu Amanda Intl Group is a comprehensive foreign trade enterprise holding the rights of import & export to be authorized by the national commercial ministry with solid capital, strict management, professional operate, and sincere service, Yiwu Amanda has good cooperative relations with many clients whom come from more than 100 countries with the principle of trust.

    As professional export agent in Yiwu China, our business service included:

  • Yiwu Hotel reservation,
  • Airport pick up and see off,if needed,
  • Interpreter, translation services in Yiwu China,
  • Yiwu Market guide and sourcing,
  • warehousing,
  • inspection and quality control,
  • Logistic service (inland, sea or air transportation, warehouse and storage, inspection and quarantine),
  • Custom clearance and all necessary documents,
  • Out sourcing.
  • Contact us for all you need, reasonale affordable export agent commission charge insurance for your China Yiwu purchase!
    Yiwu Amanda , professional Yiwu export Agent. If you are looking for yiwu export agent, or need export agent in yiwu market in yiwu city, China, please feel free to contact us.

    Yiwu Export Services

    Yiwu Export Services

    Yiwu Export Services – Export from Yiwu to worldwide
                       Yiwu Export Services
    Once you purchased goods in Yiwu Market, the next step is to export to your destination. Our export service (export agent) include customs clearances, freight forwarding, air and sea cargo services etc.. we believe that our service can let your international trade more convenient.
    1. Sign agency contract(include exporter,manufacturer and Buyer)
    2. Payment (T/T,L/C, Western Union)
    3. Manufacturer to organize production.Our QC staff follows up with factory during mass production.
    4. Loading , Custom Clearance,shipping.
    5. Certificate for cancellation of foreign exchange after cerifcation
    Export from Yiwu China?
    We can ship single item samples or large orders (LCL or FCL container loads) to *WORLDWIDE*.
    United States of America
    United Kingdom
    Aaland Islands
    American Samoa
    Bosnia and Herzegowina
    Brunei Darussalam
    Burkina Faso
    Cape Verde
    Cayman Islands
    Central African Republic
    Christmas Island
    Cook Islands
    Costa Rica
    Cote D’Ivoire
    Czech Republic
    Dominican Republic
    East Timor
    El Salvador
    Guinea – Equitorial
    Faeroe Islands
    Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
    Guyana (French)
    French Polynesia
    Hong Kong
    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
    Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
    Korea, Republic of
    Lao People’s Democratic Republic
    Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
    Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
    Marshall Islands
    Micronesia, Federated States of Moldova, Republic of
    Netherlands Antilles
    New Caledonia
    New Zealand
    Norfolk Island
    Northern Mariana Islands
    Papua New Guinea
    Puerto Rico
    Russian Federation
    St. Kitts and Nevis
    St. Lucia
    St. Vincent and the Grenadine
    San Marino
    Sao Tome and Principe
    Saudi Arabia
    Sierra Leone
    Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
    Solomon Islands
    South Africa
    Sri Lanka
    St. Helena
    Tanzania, United Republic of
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Turks and Caicos Islands
    United Arab Emirates
    United Kingdom
    United States Of America
    Vatican City State (Holy See)
    Virgin Islands (British)
    Virgin Islands (U.S.)
    Wallis and Futuna Islands
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    Yiwu Translating and Interpreting Services

    Yiwu Translating/Interpreting Services

    Yiwu Translating and Interpreting Services
    Yiwu Translating and Interpreting Services
    Chinese is official language of Yiwu, foreigners want to do business in Yiwu China, must to overcome the barrier of language.
    We provide translate and accompany service for you during your Yiwu businiess trip. Our translater will accompany you all long, and make your business trip smooth & fruitful.
    Yiwu Translating and Interpreting Services: It is FREE for our customers.

    Friday, October 18, 2013

    Yiwu Warehousing Services

    Yiwu Warehousing Services

    Yiwu Warehousing Service
    Yiwu Warehousing Service
    Our company – Yiwu Amanda Intl Group owns large-sized warehouse  and the convenient warehouse that is suitable for loading carton into container
    when you finished your order, we’ll collect your goods for you and store it to our warehouse before loaded to container for shipping.

    Yiwu Purchasing Services

    Yiwu Purchasing Services

    Purchasing Services in Yiwu – make your yiwu purchasing easier.

    Yiwu Purchasing Services

    When You in Yiwu China

    1. Collect the suppliers and arrange the meetings for you.
    2. Guide you to visit the right markets,as you know there are more than 20 markets in Yiwu and covers 400,000 items.
    3. We not only accompany you to the market and Translate for you, but also negotiate prices for you.
    4. Wirte down the order details such as:Art. No., Descriptions, Quantity, Colour, Size, Package details,Gross Weight/Net Weight, Cube etc., at the same time take photos for all the goods you had placed an order.
    5. Make order form for you to check and count total price,total amount, total Cube meter etc..

    When You not in Yiwu China

    1. Product details:If you have any products need purchasing in China,please feel free to send us the products details or a sourcing request.
    2. Match supplier:We’ll match supplier for you and then send the latest and related products information to you.
    3. Confirmation: We’ll inspect the quality, quantity,packing details and so on.And then send you a inspect report to you to make sure the order is according to your requirement.
    Related Link: Yiwu Purchasing Agent

    Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu Airport Pickup Services

    Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu Airport Pickup Services

    We can arrange a car to airport pickup you at either Shanghai Pudong Airport , Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai's hotel, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Hangzhou's hotel or Yiwu airport.

    Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu Airport Pickup Services

    If you need transfer to Yiwu, please call (+86) 152 6795 8555 Oscar.
    Please note that there is an additional cost for this service.
    Airport and hotel pickup,Transfer Services rates:
    Shanghai Pudong Airport: 800RMB
    Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: 900RMB
    Hotel in Shanghai city center: 900RMB
    Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport: 350RMB
    Hotel in Hangzhou city center: 400RMB
    3) Yiwu
    Yiwu Airport: Free
    Yiwu train station: Free
    Yiwu bus station: Free
    Hotel in Yiwu: Free
    4) Other cities
    4.1) Guangzhou. You can fly from Guangzhou to Yiwu. >>See Guangzhou to Yiwu
    4.2) Beijing. You can fly from Beijing to Yiwu. >>See Beijing to Yiwu
    If you need transfer to Yiwu, please call (+86) 152 6795 8555 Oscar.

    Invitation Letter for VISA to Yiwu

    Invitation Letter for VISA to Yiwu

    We offer invitation letters for business visa applications to visit Yiwu China.
    All the invitation letters and visa we make are approved by authorized government departments and high chance of getting visa can be guaranteed. 98% of our customers got visa during the last years.

    Invitation Letter for VISA to Yiwu

    What is invitation letter?

    The official name of invitation letter is Authorized Notification For Visa Application. It is issued by authorized Chinese government departments such as Economic and Trade Ministry or Foreign Affairs Office of different cities or provinces, and it is used to invite foreigners to visit China for business. Foreigners can apply for F visa with invitation letter in local Chinese embassy or consulates.
    Normally foreigners can get visa with an invitation letter, for the letter is official and authoritative, while there is still risk that Chinese embassy may reject him or her, based on their comprehensive evaluation on security, politics and records of the foreigner etc.

    Some tips:

    1) We offer invitation letters to customers who choose us as their Yiwu Market sourcing agent for FREE.
    2) Any invitation letter issued is an informal letter and no guarantees are made about the China visa application process.
    3) For holders of most countries’ passports, no invitation letter is required when applying for short term visas upon arrival at a China port.
    4) We can NOT offer invitation letter to customers who come from: Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. Please do NOT send email to us.

    If you need us offer invitation letters for business visa applications to visit Yiwu China:

    Tell us your plan to Yiwu Now or Send us an email (, we will answer your email in 24 hours.
    When you get the email, please check the attached file, fill all the blanks in English , send back to us, we will sign, stamp, scan and send back to you.
    Then you go to Visa Consulate, Embassy of China, your country.

    Yiwu Sourcing Agent Commission

    Yiwu Sourcing Commission

    Yiwu Sourcing Commission,Yiwu Agent Commission, What is the commission rate of export agent service in Yiwu?

    Yiwu Sourcing Commission

    We charge an affordable commission (1% to 5%) based on your grant purchase value and total numbers of suppliers. More suppliers, more work for us. 
    (No include the inland charge $750.00 for one 40HC and $600.00 for one 20FT container)
    FAQ of Yiwu Sourcing Commission:
    1) I think you service fee is too high. Why not free of charge?
    We supply reliable and professional agent service, and affordable. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Low to 1% commission fee, enjoy our top notch service.
    2) Why the service fee is too low?
    Yes, 1% to 5% commission. Affordable, save your cost. There is an idiomatic phrase called "Small profits but quick turnover". We export over 3,000 Containers per Year, and over 100 Million US Dollars Turnover. Low to 1% commission, we help customers save cost, many customers choose us. Menawhile, long term business relationship will let us get more and more profit.
    Contact us for top notch export agent services with affordable commission now!

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Yiwu Sourcing Guide Tips

    Yiwu Sourcing Guide Tips: Guide, Car & Phone

    GCP: Guide, Car, Phone
    - all for an efficient souring tour
    2 sourcing guides, PLUS a 5-seat car (Mercedes Benz) or 7-seat car (Buick GL8 MPV). It is FREE for our customers.
    If you need local mobile phone(s)/SIM card(s), our guides will help you.
    Yiwu Sourcing Guide Tips

    Why A Sourcing Guide?

    #1 A sourcing guide can help you with language and directions.

    If you can’t communicate well, you can’t do business well. If you don’t know this HUGE market well, you can’t find what you’re looking for, within a limited period of time.

    #2 A sourcing guide can help you with negotiations.

    When the shops see foreigners coming in, they see big dollars and easy money. It’s your homework to know the price level of your products, but our sourcing guide can also give you suggestions based on their experience.
    They can also help you negotiate with MOQ (minimum order quantity), lead time, packaging, and ect.

    #3 A sourcing guide can help you keep everything organized.

    This sourcing guide will help you with data recording. They will deliver an e-version spreadsheet for all the products you showed interest after each sourcing day. You can have all important information for finalizing your orders later.
    Many visitors ended up with nothing from their trip, because they missed much useful information. When they’re finalizing their orders later back home, they find it’s a “mission impossible”.
    They will have to spend lots of time obtaining the information like cbm/ctn, g.w/ctn, lead time, packaging… etc.and etc., again and again…

    #4 A sourcing guide can follow up your orders when necessary.

    Although with that spreadsheet in hand, you can let anyone to follow up your order.The guide is still the best candidate for this offer as he/she knows what you want and what you’re talking about.

    Why A Car?

    #1 Yiwu taxi is a headache.

    Compared to cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing… Yiwu is just a small town. The taxis here are not well organized at all.
    You can wait for half an hour without any taxi stop for you during rush hour, or you can find yourself sharing a taxi with several other groups (without sharing the cost, of course), on a town view cruise.
    The same taxi will take you first to a place, drop off someone, then take you to another place, drop off someone, finally drop off you at your hotel. They will keep picking up “taxi-mates” at the same time, of course.
    You may also end up on a motorbike taxi or an e-tricycle taxi because that’s the only option available. It is just TOO dangerous AND they can also charge you ridiculous price, sometimes.

    #2 With this car, our sourcing guide can pick you up from Yiwu airport, Yiwu train station, Yiwu bus station for FREE.

    This is first to guarantee that you can have a seamless smooth transaction, second is to keep you away from “a 5-minute, 200-CNY-ride” stories.
    That was a story happened to one of our UK clients, and I don’t want that story happen to any of my clients again.

    #3 A car can take you to factories, banks, restaurants, or pharmacies when necessary.

    Why A Local Phone/SIM Card?

    - to keep you stay in touched easily.
    Our guides will help you to buy local phone/ SIM card. It is very very cheap.

    China Website Design

    China Website Design

    China Website Design
    China Website Design
    Yiwu Amanda: We are website specialists: China Website Design, web design, dynamic web solution, ecommerce web design, multimedia development in Yiwu China. We have experts for both Chinese and international markets and work for clients from all around the world.
    Yiwu Amanda is professional China website design company in Yiwu China that have a wide range of technical expertise including web application development for providing dynamic and data driven sites for you, Linux solutions and services, e-commerce solution, China website design, high quality web hosting services, search engine promotion (SEO) and graphics design. Our passion is to partner with clients who embrace fresh, big picture ideas that help to evolve their marketing to a new level that ensures the future success of their business.
    Yiwu Amanda brings a wide range of web solutions to cater a tailor made solutions to suits your organization’s online presence. We are not just a China website design company but we work as an online media strategic consultant.
    From small business web sites, to large corporation web projects. Yiwu Amanda web developers and designers brings you affordable prices for best services.
    Our China website design services include: Strategic planning, graphic design, web page development, E-commerce, content management system customization (CMS), custom programming, logo localization, website promotion.
    Browse our China Website Design Packages:

    China Virtual Office

    China Virtual Office

    China Virtual Office enhance your company image by presenting to clients, customers and even suppliers an address in China.
    China Virtual Office
    China virtual office is a fast and inexpensive way to start your business in China. Establishing a presence in China takes time, money and a lot of patience. If you have come online in search of better ways of doing business in China, you have come to the right place.
    The key to saving considerable funds without sacrificing the quality of your China business is to make use of all the available tools and technologies. A China virtual office with your own unique local China number is the way to go. A virtual office in China will give you the presence of a well established business in China without the cost associated with it.
    China Virtual Office Packages typically are used as a first step toward establishment of a physical presence in China.
    There are 2 Packages of our China Virtual Office, please check the Virtual Office section of Gold Package and Silver Package.
    If you want to learn more, we urge you to join today and see how easy it can be to start your own China virtual office in just minutes.
    Silver Package
    Silver Package of China Virtual Office includes the addition of a live phone attendant (during normal business hours) that will answer your dedicated line as you direct. Fax can be transferred to your mail box for remote retrieval, or even divert telephone calls to your telephone number anywhere in the world! (Additional long distance charges will apply).
    The Silver Package includes:
    1) Prestigious business address
    2) Dedicated telephone number answered in your company name
    3) Personalized fax with remote retrieval
    4) Notification of mail/fax for collection or forwarding to designated address
    5) As needed business support services (this includes conference room, courier etc.)
    6) Six (6) months minimum subscription
    Typically 5 business days are required to establish this service and verify payment. Once verification of service and payment is complete, a member of China Liaison Service will contact you about your new China address and phone number – you can begin receiving mail and telephone calls in China immediately afterwards.
    Online Subscription: $199.00 USD/Month
    Minimum Subscription: 6 Months (discounts available for long terms)
    Gold Package
    Gold Package of China Virtual Office includes all the benefits of our Silver Package. A well-trained bilingual liaison manager will act as your branch manager in China during office hours. (The duties of liaison manager can be arranged, even you wish him/her to travel nationwide in China as your request, and charges are negotiable.)
    The Gold Package includes:
    1) A well-trained bilingual liaison manager
    2) Prestigious business address
    3) Dedicated telephone number answered in your company name
    4) Personalized fax with remote retrieval
    5) Notification of mail/fax for collection or forwarding to designated address
    6) As needed business support services (this includes conference room, courier etc.)
    7) Six (6) months minimum subscription
    Typically 5 business days are required to establish this service and verify payment. Once verification of service and payment is complete, a member of China Liaison Service will contact you about your new China address and phone number – you can begin receiving mail and telephone calls in China immediately afterwards.
    Online Subscription: $999.00 USD/Month
    Minimum Subscription: 6 Months (discounts available for long terms)

    Taobao Agent Services

    Taobao Agent Services
    * Overcome the obstacle of shopping in China
    * Enjoy the local citizen cheap price
    * Order consolidation to save international shipping cost
    * Solve the payment problem
    * Solve the quality problem and refund before shipping to you is No.1 C2C e-commerce site in Asia. It has all sorts of things for sale at unbeatable prices.  Many oversea customers buy from
    Taobao Agent Services
    Taobao – China’s largest Internet retail website
    Launched in 2003, Taobao ( is the largest Internet retail website in China with more than 75 percent of the Chinese-domestic online consumer market. It provides the most comprehensive product offering ranging from collectibles and hard-to-find items to mainstream retail categories such as consumer electronics, clothing and accessories, sporting goods and household products. It serves nearly 100 million registered users and more than 1.5 million sellers have opened up stores on Taobao. In 2008, Alibaba Group announced it will be investing more than US$700 million in Taobao in the next five years.
    Annual transaction volume on Taobao (gross merchandise volume or GMV) reached nearly US$15 billion in 2008, expanding at a three-year compounded annual growth rate of more than 150 percent and exceeding the largest retailer in China in transaction volume. According to government statistics, Taobao’s GMV equaled approximately one percent of China’s total retail trade in 2008. Taobao is the primary online shopping destination for the largest online population in the world.
    Why you need taobao agent?
    1) Most of the sellers in Taobao are individuals who are most likely not well versed in English. So unless you know Chinese, mis-communication is bound to happen and money will be wasted as a result.
    2) Most of the sellers have no experience in international shipping. Even if they do international shipping, you may be buying from many different sellers, and you will not be able to save shipping cost from combined shipping.
    3) Credit card has yet to penetrate China to the extent that it can be a common online payment method, so most online stores in China do not accept VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Although Paypal does have a presence in China, it charges outrageous withdrawal fee for international payment, so sellers are unwilling to accept payment by Paypal.
    We are providing a shopping assistance service for all who want to buy products from
    For our taobao agent service you can get:
    1) Communicating with the Seller
    2) Ensuring that you get the correct color or style
    3) Providing common-Taobao-sense advice
    4) Translating of product details
    5) Help searching for what you want in Chinese
    6) Checking the items for damage or defect
    7) Photographing your products and email the pictures to you for confirmation
    9) Dealing with returns and exchanges
    10) Repackaging items to ensure safe shipment or reduce weight
    1) You choose products on
    2) Send products links to us (include color , size , quantity ,etc )
    3) Confirm your order, we will reply cost for you.
    4) Pay money to our account.
    5) We buy items from seller to our company in Yiwu. (1-2days)
    6) Then we will send items to your address. (7-10days)
    Service fee:
    1) Service fees : 10% of items price .
    2) Item price RMB350 or below, the service fee is RMB35 (US$5)
    3) More than RMB350 : 10% of item price + Domestic shipping price
    4) Insurance (optional): 5% of whole cost
    5) Total = (items price + domestic shipping + sevice fee + international shipping + insurance(optional) )
    For example
    You buy RMB1000 worth of goods, including china postage. The goods weight 3kg. and your live in USA. Check International shipping cost form calculate the shipping cost will be 120+(5*38)=310RMB Exchange Rate is 1CNY = 0.15USD
    If payment use Western Union, Wire Transfer,
    total payment= [(RMB1000 x 1.1)+ international postage] x exchange rate (0.15)
    Total payment=(1100+310) x 0.15 = US$211.5
    If payment use Paypal
    total payment= [(RMB1000 x 1.1)+ international postage] x exchange rate (0.15)
    Total payment=(1100+310) x 0.15 x 1.04 (paypal fees ) = US$219.96
    Intl Shipping
    1) We will give you a huge discount of the EMS website about 50%
    2) We use UPS DHL TNT EMS FEDEX for express international shipping
    3) We also accept normal air mail and Ocean shipping
    What we do for the service fee
    1) Contact the seller by – Phone / QQ / WangWang / Email, to ensure – item availability / sizes / colors / styles / sets / etc
    2) Advise you regarding seller credibility, forseeable custom problems, etc
    3) General translation of product details
    4) Search the items you want for you, especially if you do not know the Chinese language
    5) Check the items for damage upon arrival
    6) Photograph the items (packaging & items inside), and send the pictures to you immediately via email
    7) Repackage the item(s) to ensure safe shipment or to reduce weight (save shipment cost)
    8) Provide significant discount on international shipping (huge savings for you)
    9) In case the seller shipped the wrong item, we will deal with the return on your behalf
    10) Actually, much of our job is performed before you pay anything. So please feel free to contact us to try our service!
    Contact now!