Monday, October 14, 2013

Dining in Yiwu

Dining in Yiwu

Yiwu has a wide range of restaurants(Coffee shop & Teahouse) to offer; foods can be tasted from every country around the globe,such as Chinese food,Western food and Middle Eastern food etc..
Below features a vairiety of the very best restaurants(Coffee shop & Teahouse) in Yiwu.

Chinese food

middle eastern food In Yiwu
Wow, there are thousands of Chinese restaurants,I’ve no idea to recommand you which one. Walk down the street in Yiwu,you never miss a Chinese restaurants.

Middle Eastern food

There are more than 100 Middle eastern Restaurants in Yiwu and most of them at the Binwang District. The following list just some of them.
Barki Restaurant
ADD:No.38, 8 Street,Binwang District,Yiwu
NaierMu Restaurant
ADD:No.40, 8 Street,Binwang District,Yiwu

Western food

western restaurant In Yiwu
Best Western Restaurant: 
Guangxini Restaurant
Features:Desserts,Coffee,Grills,All kinds of barbecue
ADD:No.118,7 street,Binwang district,Yiwu
Best Music Restaurant
Yiwu 31 Music Restaurant
ADD:No.220,Binwang RD.,Yiwu
best Bar Restaurant:
Tekelai Mexico Restaurant
Features: Beet tacos,Beet tajitas,Beet burritos
ADD:2F,No.8, Building 6,Futian business center,Yiwu
For most star-rate hotels have its own Western Restaurant, never worry about your dining in Yiwu.

Korean Cuisine & Japanese Cuisine

Mingyue Japanese Cuisine
ADD:No.2, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu
Ruiri Japanese Cuisine
ADD:No.9, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu
There are more than 100 Korean Cuisines in Yiwu, its impossible to list all. If you do need a authentic Korean Cuisines,just leave a message,I’ll reply you in a moment.

Coffee & Teahouse

Starbudks Coffee
ADD:No.2, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu
Lafang Restaurant
ADD:No.201,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu
Other Coffee shop (More than one branch):
CITE COFFEE,Cross-strait Coffee,B Shore Coffee,U.N.D.C. Coffee,Ucc coffee,Paris Coffee Restaurant

Fast food

KFC(more than 10 branchs),McDonald’s(2 Branchs)
Papa john’s pizza
ADD:No.160,North Gongren RD.,Yiwu
Pizza Hut
ADD:No.88,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu
Jamo pizza
ADD: -1F,Century Mall,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu
ADD:No.311,Huagong RD.