Friday, November 15, 2013

What’s Inside A Yiwu Market Research Report

What’s Inside A Yiwu M. R. Report?

What’s Inside A Yiwu Market Research Report And What Are The Benefits?
* Availability – tells you if the products you’’re looking for exist in Yiwu market, so you know if you should save your money for flights and hotels, save your time and energy for a tiring fruitless trip.
* Price – let you know the key factor that could let you laugh all the way to your bank or lose all what you have saved for last 10 years.
* Other information like MOQ, lead time, freight that can help you move smoothly from drawing to action.
* Suppliers contact information – let you do DIRECTLY with the suppliers later, rather than paying a suspicious agent each time. (Reliable and faithful agents are good.) Or in case your agent let you down, you still know where to go.
Below is a sample of our Yiwu Market Research Report: (version keeps updating)
Click here to download a excel format Yiwu Market Research Report sample – For those who use Microsoft Office Excel. * Recommended.