Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why Choose Us For A Yiwu Market Research Report

Why Choose Us For A Yiwu M. R. Report?

Why Choose Us For A Yiwu Market Research Report?
Thanks to our location (15 minutes driving to Yiwu market) and our experiences working in this market (at least several times every day source inside the market for 10 x 365 days), we’re able to send out investigators to the market to conduct on site verification whenever you need.

We’re handy!

We can get same much valuable information as you do by yourself, but only with 1/3 of your time. Say, you spend 3 days in the market and found 10 designs photo frames you want to buy. We just need 1 day.

We’re FAST and we are familiar with the market!

Everyone can easily get hundreds of pages “whatever-related” information from Google or b2b sites like globalsources and alibaba.
But I understand well enough that you just want useful good information for good decision making, not spending weeks filtering loads of junks with endless emails and late-night online chatting.

Our information is tailored to your needs! NO MORE, NO LESS!

We’re a 3rd-party reporter, all the information we offer are 100% objective and true. Any agents/ person can help you buy if they have this report of from whom, from where, at what price to buy.
There is no point for us to hide anything intentionally. (This is very much unlike many trade agents)